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Scenic Road Hunters team

Scenic Road Hunters is a travelblog, that concentrates on traveling by car. Articles are about scenic roads, vehicles for traveling and everything we’ve seen and done on our road trips. I usually have some press cars to test and very often our trips are done with those, because it also helps with testing to drive it a lot. Naturally we need to use our own or rental cars when doing longer trips.

I do these trips often with my friend and assistant Marko, with my family or sometimes even by myself. Marko is also hard ass scenic road hunter, an excellent photographer and he has a significant following on instagram.

We take a lot of photographs on our trips, create a videos and update social media channels during the trip and afterwards. All videos are currently going to the YouTube -channel, were we currently have over a million views.

Currently our gear consist of Iphone 15 Pro, Canon 600D with 3 objectives, GoPro Hero 3 Black, DJI Phantom 3 4K, Nikon D7200 and DJI Mavic Pro.


We are happy to do collaborations with companies, whose products or services fit in the subject of this site (cars and traveling). It’s important for us that everything you see here are the real opinions and views of us. We do NOT accept ready-made texts/articles.

All commercial collaborations are done via my company (Mediatuotanto Isotalo).

In addition to travel collaborations we accept suggestions about cars and technical devices. Naturally you can suggest pretty much anything and we shall see if it fits the niche of this site or perhaps our other site (pikamulkaus -blog).

You can download our Mediacard 2020 HERE.

Contact information

Common things related to this site: travel (at)

Collaborations: pr (at)

Currently we are located at Lieto (near Turku) and Posio in Finland. Naturally we are ready to travel anywhere.