Get sweaty and experience around the Turku area

Turku is very beautiful place especially during the summer. I have lived there most of my life and only lived the last 8 years elsewhere (not far though). Many blogger, Finnish and international, have written articles what to do and see in Turku. They cover the most obvious places to visit and also where to enjoy food. This article is about the places to go when you have already seen those mentioned everywhere else.

If you plan to visit all below places within one day, you’ll end up exhausted. There is lots of walking (also stairs or forest paths) and activities that gets your hands tired. I suggest you take a hotel from Centreal Turku, so after the last place you can just fall in to bed. Unfortunately there is some distance between there places so a car (own or rental) is a must.



Vanhalinna is a hill, that had some kind of a castle or buildings during the iron age. You can also see the sea level during specific years when you climb the stairs to this hill. This place is along the Oxen road of Tavastia. There are signs of a Ox leading you here. There is also a viking boat and a museum.



Nautela Rapids are located in Lieto and just like Vanhalinna, is located at River Aura. I mean, the rapids are of course part of the river but there is also a museom and a nature path next to it. This is really a nice place to visit especially if you like nature.

3. GO-Kart – Downhill race -COMBO

Up until now, you have enjoyed the nature. Now it’s time for something faster. When you start heading back from Nautela rapids and reach Turku, you’ll come to industrial area called Oriketo. Here is a nice go-kart track that has both indoor and outdoor track. Kart in Club Turku. Driving these go-karts is easy because they have no gears or anything extra. Gas pedal, brake and a wheel is all you need and then you’ll be driving round the twisty track so the eventually you have sore hands.

If you have a group, you can also buy a race. Then you’ll have practise, timelapse and race. Winners get a trophy.

After you have enjoyed this, head to another side of Turku to a downhill center Hirvensalo. During the summer, skilifts drag a special vehicle up the hill and then you just drive down. You only have a wheel and brake and the point is to use the brake as little as possible. It takes guts to not brake in the corners but just a tiny bit. Place is MCC Turku

4. Climb Palace

You still have some strength in you. Good, it’s time to head to University area. There is an old watertower where they have build a wall climbing center inside. Turku kiipeilypalatsi is the name of the place. You can rent climbing shoes from there if those you are wearing are not suitable. You also get all the safety gear needed. You’ll climb in pairs and it’s good if you weight about the same because the other one is going to be the counterweight and also let the climber down. Can you reach the ceiling?


At this point also the most fit persons are out of strength. You can finish the great day at the city center in a minigolf club called Hohtogolf West Coast which is localed in the market square next to the Orthodox Church. The place is quite dark are the tracks shine. There is also restaurant and bar, so you can enjoy refreshments while playing.

Here were my suggestions on what to do in Turku. I have tried all of these myself so I can recommend them. I hope at least some of those gets you interested.

Here you have a map leading to all of the above mentioned places.


One more thing before I let you go. If you have visited Turku and have found something not so common but very interesting thing/place to do or go, please share your experience in the comment section below.


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