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TOP 5 alternative things to do in Turku

Get sweaty and experience around the Turku area Turku is very beautiful place especially during the summer. I have lived there most of my life and only lived the last 8 years elsewhere (not far...

Road Trip – From Turku to Rauma via coastal road

If you see water, route is correct Coastal road of Southern Finland and the idea behind it has been covered in this starting post. Short explanation is that we wanted to drive the coastal line...

Road trip along the Finnish Coast

Introduction to our road trip in Southwest Finland I have a dream to drive along the coast of Finland as close to the water as possible. That means from Vironlahti in Russian border all the...

Carado A 461 Motorhome

Carado Motorhome test drive This is a little different article than you usually see on this site. Motorhomes are a popular way of travel and has many advantages to traveling by normal car. 6 years...

Road trip: From Southern Finland to Arctic Ocean – day 4

Homecoming This article is about our crazy road trip to the Arctic Ocean and about the last day. Marko had visited Kajaani and I spent that time in Oulainen. It was late evening when Mini...

Road trip: From Southern Finland to the Arctic Ocean and back – day 3

Pull down the roof and hit the road refreshed... This article is about the third day of our Arctic Ocean roadtrip. We had a refreshing sleep and got a plenty breakfast at the hotel. Could...

Travel info – How to get to Turku?

Turku is a popular city to visit especially on summertime. Turku being the oldest city in Finland has some history and there have been people living since Iron age. Turku has even been the...

Zoes Hotel Studios – Friendly family owned hotel at Faliraki in Rhodes

By choosing a family owned accommodation you support the persons that are taking care of you during your vacation The village Faliraki at Rhodes Island is know of a long beach with soft sand and...

Greece | Rhodes | Tsambika Monastery and beach

Getting help conceiving from the Top and on the bottom...water fun Tsambika mountain lies between Kolymbia and Archangelos – villages. Tsambika -beach is located at the southern base of the mountain. There is a place...

Greece | Rhodes | The Valley of the Butterflies – Climbing in the nature

A relaxing walk in nature or hardcore training in the stairs The Valley of the Butterflies is one of the most mentioned sights at Rhodes. Bus trips are arranged there by travel agencies but the...