Introduction to our road trip in Southwest Finland

I have a dream to drive along the coast of Finland as close to the water as possible. That means from Vironlahti in Russian border all the way to Tornio next to border in Sweden. If I satisfied on the main roads, I’d have driven it all ages ago. I don’t want to get away with it so easy because I would miss a lot.

My specs for this trip is that you drive the small roads close to the sea. I don’t mean going to the dead-end-roads but if you can go forward without turning back, it should be included. This way you see the wonderful archipelago nature and the small villages along the way. These smaller roads are usually more interesting to drive too.

This has so far been impossible to do in one run so I have done it in parts. I guess you can count our trip to Åland islands as one part even though it goes beyond the coast. One time we decided to drive from Turku to Rauma via coast. The trip is only 100 kilometers if you take the main road. Our plan was double that and half a day in time not including the stops.

I had a Ford Ranger WildTrak in testing so we took the advantage and used it for this trip. Our trip started from top of Turku on a hill called Korppoolaismäki. That’s not easy to get to by car but with this one it was possible. You can see all of Turku central area and also “Suomen Joutsen” sail boat as well as Turku Castle.

It was crazy early on a Friday before Easter. We filmed a short introduction video before starting the actual trip.

On the next article I tell about the trip itself. I can already reveal that there were some very nice scenic roads which we would not have found without going away from the usually selected routes.


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