Carado Motorhome test drive

This is a little different article than you usually see on this site. Motorhomes are a popular way of travel and has many advantages to traveling by normal car. 6 years ago we had this Carado A 461 motorhome for testing for a short period of two hours. We filmed a video about it and your can watch that below.

Apologies goes to all those who hate watching videos and prefer reading. I hope you can take the time anyway, because video is showing the things better. Carado A 461 is a motorhome for 4 passengers (and beds) but I have to admit that toilet and shower are very small. Then again, that’s the problem in homes on wheels.

My first experience on traveling in motorhome was on 90’s, when I was still a youngster and our family rented one for a two-week Middle-Europe trip. This test was the first time after that. Currently I have another experience for a one-week drive in Finnish Lapland. This recent experience doesn’t show in this test though. Back then I was more skeptical towards motorhomes and nowadays I see the advantages more clearly. You have bed, kitchen and toilet with you all the time. That is quite nice and even more when you have the possibility to stay the night where ever you like.

But enough of that. Here’s the video of Carado A 461 and you’ll see some funny moments as well.



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