Turn on Spotify, drive on and listen our playlist

Some like to drive in total silence, some play music really loud. My opinion is somewhere in between. Sometimes the radio doesn’t even have to be on but during longer trips, it’s nice to have a long playlist playing on the background. If you have your friend with you, set volume to a level where you can still have a chat without raising your voice.

We at Scenic Road Hunters gathered some songs to a playlist and then arranged them to a public version. Me and Marko have quite different taste in music (we bear each others music any way) so this list contains a variety of music genres.

This Spotify playlist has 103 songs and it takes 7 hours to listen them all. Perfect for a long trip!

It’s nice to share anything good so may I present: Spotify Scenic Road Hunters playlist:

How is it with rest of you roadtrippers? Actually you don’t even have to be a roadtripper because you can listen songs from mobile device any time and almost anywhere. Also remember to take time to shut all electronic devices and listen to the sounds of the nature.

But let’s get back to this playlist. I’d be happy to hear what you think of this list and please also mention if some song should definitely be in it because you just can’t travel without it. Or are the normal radio channels enough for your journeys?


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