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My Winter road trip was about to take me right next to the border of Finland and Sweden, Tornio. I had to search my accommodation for a while before finding it but eventually it came to my sight. This article is about Park Hotel Tornio.

The parking place was big and had a lot of space. I was told that January is the most quiet time of the year over here and you could really notice that. I was also able to get a key to electricity pole from the reception and I got my car warming up. It was nearly -30 °C so it was much needed. The warming place cost 15€ per day.

The Room

My room was located at the second floor. I had to walk for a while before finding my room, because it seemed the corridors would never end. I have noticed on this short blogger career of mine, that I never seem to get the closest rooms on the floor. I wouldn’t mind that much but because of my current health, I’m not actually cheering for the pure pleasure of running around the hotel corridors. Then again, I haven’t actually ever mentioned about this fact on the reception or while reserving the room. Maybe I should try that some time. Not blaming that on the hotel. So I was able to find my room for the night. It was clean and furnished with bed, a desk and a TV. That’s about all that the room could fit anyway. Park Hotel Tornio is pretty new hotel and you can sense that on the room. I’ll use the word clinically clean. Nothing bad to say about that. This hotel has total of 98 rooms.


It was a supper time and I headed for the hotel restaurant to see what they have on their menu. You can find Restaurant Aino downstairs. Very pretty ja luminous place. Menu seemed diverse enough. The only problem was that I couldn’t find any personnel anywhere even if I tried to couch and make a some noise to get attention. After waiting for a while, I started exploring around a bit and noticed an open door at the back of the restaurant. I thought that would lead to personnel only area but instead it lead me to another restaurant. Actually a Bar would describe it better. The place was Sport Corner Bar & Grill. And oh behold, there was one person belonging to the Staff. I realized and after asking, was confirmed that that person singlehanded ran the business during the quiet times. That explained all. I just wonder what will happen if a large group of tourists would emerge suddenly. I bet that person would have hands full for a while.

Restaurant Aino
Sport Corner Bar & Grill

After checking out Sport Corner’s menu, to everyone’s surprise I ordered yet again a hamburger meal. GarlicBurger which guaranteed I was able to stay alone the rest of the stay. My chosen sidedish was sweet potatofries. This meal was excellent and can fill up even a bit bigger hunger.

This hotel has total of 4 restaurants. In addition to the above-mentioned Aino restaurant and Sport Corner Bar & Grill, there’s Zenzei- sushi/thai restaurant and Event restaurant Park Arena.

What can this Hotel offer?

Park Hotel Tornio has different sizes of meeting rooms e.g. an auditorium for 200 people. Also Sauna with a pool and a playground for children. This hotel has a free Wi-Fi. Parking costs 5 euros a day and 10 euros extra if you need to warm-up your car. Not a long distance about is golf course, Ikea and Shopping Centre Rajalla på Gränsen and one more thing to mention is Duudson Activity Park.


The room was pretty hot to sleep in. Breakfast was included in the room price and it was served at Aino -restaurant. It consisted on pretty much the same things that most hotels have these days. Plenty to choose from and did the job filling your stomach. One happy man was about to head home.


Park Hotel Tornio was quite nice experience. I have nothing bad to say about the room or hotel staff. The only negative feeling came from the restaurant where only one person was trying to handle it all. If you happen to be around here next the border on January, take a look at this hotel to stay in.

This was a collaboration with Park Hotel Tornio and I was able to stay for free.

On my way home



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