After the night spent in Jyväskylä, I was heading North. When it was time to call it a day, I was at Nivala which is located in Pohjanmaa. My mind was already graving returning home in Posio but it was not time for that just yet. Now I was going to stay the night at Hotel Puustelli.

Kirpakka päivä

Chilly wait

Temperature was minus 20 something when I arrived at Nivala. You can enter the hotel after 2 PM. I was quite surprised when I found out the door locked and there was no lights anywhere. There was a few cars parked in front of hotel, so I thought there must be a way to enter the hotel somehow. After wondering around, I found a little note on the front door telling people to call to a security officer to get in. So I called to the given number and not long after that, the security officer arrived by car and checked me in the hotel. Unusual way, but worked like this too. Now that I had the room key, I was also able to use the side door and not feel like locked in to an empty hotel. Parking was free and the electricity pole was warming up the car was also free. That was nice since it was a true winter with freezing temperatures outside. I attached my cars pre-warming cord to the electricity pole and was ready for the next day.

The Room

Room was a bit dark with its color choices. It reminded my of the 80’s but it doesn’t matter. It was still quite bright and most importantly, the room was clean. Compared to Jyväskylä and Tornioon the room was bigger too. There was two separate beds, 2 person couch and a little table. Bathroom was clean and spacious..

About the Hotel

There are 32 rooms in different sizes in this hotel and each can take 3 persons. 16 rooms have also a sauna. There are 3 meeting rooms with 80, 30 or 25 persons and they all have normal meeting equipment and 2 video projectors. You can also order a catering from Hotel Puustelli either to the meetings in the hotel or to a place of your choice.

The night at Nivala

Hotel is located between two roads a little away from the city central. There is toritie (Market street) on the front and highway 27 behind the hotel. There is a grocery store and a Snack Bar close by. I decided to try out the snack bar, Lis Marii. Menu was plenty to choose from and my choice was a garlic burger. Something to satisfy my apetite and then off to bed with my stomach full.

Lis-Mari Menu

I wouldn’t call the night peaceful and quiet in Nivala. My room was on the first floor and faced to the city. Sounds of cars were pretty loud and teens racing and playing with their cars didn’t actually help in this. One could think the night between Sunday and Monday would be more quiet after all people go to school or work in the morning. Perhaps it’s not like that for everyone so I’d would say the location is not the best if you think it like that.

Next morning

After relatively restless night it was time to head for breakfast. There were no queue’s and plenty of food to choose from. I got the impression that there was nobody else on this hotel at that moment. I was all by myself enjoying my breakfast and wondering if anyone else was coming. Since I have this Crohn’s disease, I didn’t eat a lot even though my mind wanted to try everything there was served. Oh yeah, the breakfast is included in the price of the stay.

My thoughts on the stay

Hotel Puustelli was not a bad experience despite of the restless night. I liked the room and there was plenty to choose from on the breakfast. The price for the room was not bad either. It was 70 euros for SUN-MON night. Wifi was also free and the free parking with the heating possibility was also something to be happy about.

This English translation was written by Miika Isotalo.



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