This is done in collaboration with Village Hotel Tyyne and Cafe + Kitchen Sylvi

I have to travel great distances in Finland because of my location and that is why I have recently tried to arrange accommodations to the places not so often visited and not well known yet. One of places like this is Village Hotel Tyyne located in Nuutajärvi Glass Village.

Some history

Nuutajärvi Glass Factory was founded in 1793 and it was closed in spring 2014. It was the oldest working glass factory in Finland until that sad day of closure. Currently there is still a Iittala Outlet, Glass Museum Prykari and several little small companies like “Pruukin pajat”.

I could almost write a whole book about Nuutajärvi and it’s history but this story is about the hotel. Village Hotel Tyyne is founded in the old building called “StoneWall”. Stonewall has been built next to the old glass factory, where nowadays is a glass school operated by vocational school Tavastia. There is also Cafe + Kitchen Sylvi in this same building and that is also the owner of the Village Hotel Tyyne.

If you’re interested in the history of Nuutajärvi, you can read more about that from HERE.

History of Stone wall.
Photo by: Markku Uskelin
Nuutajärvi factory area

Village Hotel

Now on to the main subject here and that is the hotel. Village Hotel Tyyne opened up in April 2018 so it’s still quite new when I’m writing this. I have stayed at the guest rooms of the Glass Village earlier but that was a long time ago and it had a different owner.

I got the keys to my room from the Cafe + Kitchen Sylvi. During the opening hours of the Cafe, the entrance to the hotel is through there and after the Cafe is closed, there is a door on the side of the building. Same key fits to the front door and to your room door. My room was located on the second floor of the Stonewall at the back of a long hallway. The interiors had the feeling of an old factory all around. There were something new but also a lot of old. I think old things should be preserved and and also because this is a Protected Site of the National Board of Antiquities after all. Room was spacious and decorated with a good taste.

It was very warm weather during my stay and that applied also to the room. According to the owner, air condition was on the list of “thing-to-do”. Rooms were recently renovated and it was still partly going on during my stay. It did not interfere my stay at all.

There was a wide double-bed on my room, a small desk and a couple of chairs + a little table. There was no closet to put your clothes, only a stand where you could hang your clothes but it was enough for me. All furniture were old but clean and on my opinion that fit very well to the overall atmosphere of the place. The curtains were thick enough to keep the light out. You could also open up the windows in order to get some refreshing air. Each rooms has it’s own bathroom and Wifi is included in the price.



All rooms are named nicely after products of the glass factory. For example, my room was called Riekko (willow grouse). There was a glass cabinet next to each room showcasing the products related to the name of that room. This was a nice little detail and specialty and also a tribute to the factory.


Lonesome villageroad

This village is getting very quite during the evening hours. The only sounds you’ll hear are the sounds of the nature. I took my photography gear with me and started wondering around. I like to stay in places just like this. I understand that for some, this could be even took quiet and peaceful. If you look for shops and stores for example, closest ones are at Urjala Center or around and that’s about 10 kilometers from the Hotel. There’s a Pub downstairs but for now it’s open only on Fridays. Cafe + Kitchen Sylvi is open from 10 AM to 5 PM. I think this village needs more people and visitors to make it more alive and maybe this hotel can be something that brings just that.



I had agreed to have my breakfast at 9 AM and that’s exactly when I got it. This is the first time I got one served just for me. There were no other customers that time and back then Cafe Sylvi was not even open on Mondays. On summertime it is.

The breakfast was really the cherry on top the cake on my stay on this hotel. They intend to differ from the rest of the places especially with their breakfast and I was impressed.



Breakfast was served by the Cafe + Kitchen Sylvi. The fancy names on the Menu can be unclear to some, especially for local elders, but if the cuisine on the menu is anything like the breakfast, I’m sure they are tasty. Unfortunately I did not have time to test the food on the restaurant but “it’s on my list”. The Cafe is spacious, colors there vary even to a bit chaotic level but it’s nothing that would have negative effect to your dining experience.

Cafe + Kithchen Sylvi

Here’s a little video I made:

Pros and cons

I really could not find many negative things about this place when you consider that it’s still a bit under construction. If you value peace and quiet, this is your place. One of the rooms have a mini-kitchen and one is suitable for travelers with pets.

The prices of the rooms vary according to whether it’s already renovated or not.

If you take a renovated room, the price is 90 euros +/- 10€ depending on the season. The older rooms are 70 euros (+/- 10€) depending on both size and equipment. My room would have cost 90 euros but since this was done in collaboration, I did not have to pay for it. Price will be 100 euros between July and August. Like I already mentioned, it’s a new place and I believe prices will find the right level. For customers, a clear price range is always a positive thing. Breakfast is included in the price.

My experience on this Hotel was pleasant. Service was kind and wishes were taken into consideration. The chef called Laura even asked for my wishes for breakfast. Thank you goes also to Anu Penttinen. There is a lot of potential on this place so I hope travelers will find their way here.

In collaboration with Village Hotel Tyyne and Cafe + Kitchen Sylvi.


This English version was translated by Miika Isotalo




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