Trips by car or road trips can be of all sorts. Usually the purpose is to get somewhere or to drive between multiple destinations and then back. This road trip got started because we finally had a really nice test car called Volkswagen Touareg and that was a reason big enough to go for a ride.

I’m sitting in a blue Touareg and the Saturday morning is still young when I head to pick Marko. The initial plan was to go to a long road trip to East-Finland by following the coast but that plan failed in multiple reasons. All the gear was packed but we had no plan for the photo- and videoshoot or for the route. All had to be thought on the fly.

Already sitting in the car, we decided to go do a photoshoot in Urjala and Nuutajärvi. We also quickly planned a lousy plot for a video, where we would head to pick up some berries in a forest.

Urjala area has lots of windy gravel roads in the forest and hills and paths meant mainly for tractors and such. Our hope was to photograph the car next to a pond or lake but even after a long search, we just couldn’t find the spot Marko was remembering from his childhood. By the time we tried to go to lake Nuutajärvi, it was raining very hard.

If gravel roads are not compelling enough reason to go to Urjala, there is also Nuutajärvi Glass Village nearby. We went there to drink some coffee. If candies are your thing, there is a wholesale for candies in Urjala along the Turku-Tampere highway.

Without further due, here’s the video we shot with Sony FDR-AX100 videocamera which we also had in test. Talking parts are in Finnish.


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