I wrote an article about our practice road trip with VW Amarok some time ago. A few months after that trip I got to test Mercedes-Benz C200 model and that turned out to be quite nice car for making road trips. Apart from one thing. This time we drove from Turku to Helsinki via Taalintehdas and Siuntio.

The main purpose of this trip was to return the press car after the week of testing. We reserved a whole Sunday for this purpose so we got a chance to drive to Helsinki by taking an alternative route. If you think of possible scenic routes from Turku to Helsinki, one thing pops in mind – King’s Road. Nevertheless we wanted to choose our own way and to see what Taalintehdas is like.

On the first paragraph I wrote that apart from one thing, the car was good. This doesn’t come up by watching the video, because we finally found the way to shut it off. This particular C-series Mercedes-Benz had a perfume sprayer installed and that released some perfume to the interior time to time and the scent was very strong. We found the bottle from glovebox and after long surfing on the menus of Mercedes we found the setting to turn it off. It would have lead to major headache if we had left it on. I really don’t understand who would want to use such a thing on his/her car.

Here’s the video about the trip. Narration is in Finnish but you can enjoy the view.


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