Do you have a feeling that every media and magazine choose this years this and that? There is one thing I haven’t heard of being chosen yet and that is the road of the year. Then again, roads are something that don’t change often so if there would be a road of the year, it could take a long time to find a better one. Scenic Road Hunters found one road on one of their road trips and this is definately a road that can be called (in a way) the road of the year 2015.

It all started while I was browsing Google maps and planning on one of our road trips. I was zooming in closer and closer while trying to find the smaller roads. Then my eyes met with the road from Mynämäki to Vahto and the number of the road was 2015. This moment was a kickoff for an idea to drive a road that would have the same number as the current year. Now as this road was with four digits, you can tell that it is not a big ‘n wide kind of road. It would not matter though. With the vehicle we would have on that road trip, size or even the existence of the road would not be something to care about.

By watching the video below, you can see how “Road of the year 2015” really was like. Unfortunately, the next time we can do something similar is on 2020.

Road of the Year 2015 -video


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